API Result V1 Documentation

API Result is a data model that holds information about the results from the request made.

This data is only sent when a request can be processed.

What is a Link?

What is a QueryParam?

Api Result

Result model for successful API request

  • Links ( Array[Link] ) Links related to the current API request
  • LastUpdated ( DateTime ) Date the data was last retrieved
  • AccecptedFilters ( Array[QueryParam] , optional ) Filters that were validated and applied
  • RejectedFilters ( Array[QueryParam] , optional ) Filters that failed validation and were not applied
  • TotalPageCount ( Int32 ) Total number of pages of data available. (Based on current page size)
  • TotalResultCount ( Int32 ) Total result count of the API request
  • CurrentResultCount ( Int32 ) Number of results returned from the API (May vary from total results if pagination occurred)
  • Results ( Array[Result] ) List of the requested API data (cameras, construction, etc)