OHGO API Introduction

Welcome to the OHGO API

ODOT's mission is to provide drivers with the safest roads we possibly can.

In addition to road maintenance, travel, infrastructure improvements, fighting weather conditions, and monitoring traffic patterns, we believe that empowering people with information about their commute is one of the best ways is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

To that end, ODOT reports current road activity, speeds, incidents, travel delays, closures, and severe weather conditions for all of Ohio’s Highways.

The API allows you to view up-to-date information about ODOT-managed roadways throughout Ohio.

The data we offer is updated up to every minute to provide users with a real time experience.

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Who is this for?

Whether its aggregating data from multiple traffic sources, creating traffic prediction models, traffic alert apps or just for fun, the data from ODOT is considered public domain and therefore freely available to anyone.

For more information, see our Terms of Use page.

If you are not interested in mucking around with code but would still like to see our traffic data, take a look at https://ohgo.com.

It provides all the same traffic information in a user friendly interface.

How it works

  1. To use our API, you must first register for a public key at https://ohgo.com/api/login.
    See Registration.
  2. Once you have a key you may request data from the provided endpoints.
    See Resources.

Getting Started